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Hi all
i am wanting to leave my rubbish monitor speakers and go with some 5.1 surround sound
i dont want to spend mor ethan £60 including deleivery on the speaker so i was looking at the logitech x-530 which i have read are great for price / performance but i saw that there rear speakers are only about 15ft cable length, i am wanting about 25ft :D so anyway is there any others for under £60 with a big cable length or is there a way to extend the cable from the rear speakers, i though maby a extension rca cable would work but i am not an expert

any1 know? help would be great
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  1. hello?
  2. Simply slice the rear speaker wires to your desired length. 15ft is too far back for surrounds never mind 25ft, so I recommend you get stands to position them closer. Properly placed surrounds should be to the side or slightly behind at your ear level when standing for the purest effect.
  3. my room m layout sux and i would change it around but my cable for internet goes underfloor new wood floor and it would mean ripping it up to change where i have my pc, which i dotn want to do lol. I was gonna have the volume of the speaker further away a bit louder so that it would make up for the distance, and i got no idea what u mean by splitting the cable ( by the way it isnt 25gt backwards its only about 12ft backwards but i want it to go around the sides and look neat :)
  4. Cut the speaker wire and add additional speaker wire to get the desired length.
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