One more XBOX 360 warning...

This is more a cathartic rant about my recent switch to pc from strictly Xbox 360, feel free to read and enjoy but it is mostly for me.

I waS A DEDICATED Xbox live player for the last few years, Live consumed my life i ate meals while unlocking markmen acheivements many a time. But even though i really didn't want to imagine it could happen the truth is RED RINGS OF DEATH recently tiptoed into my game room foreshadowed by glitchy gameplay and failing graphics. The end was the bottom right quadrant.

Most gamers send it in to the mad witchdoctors in virginia bundling the box and thier own souls in the aptly named coffin, the empty box the console came in, wait and recieve a refurb. 100 dollors later and you get to begin that decaying orbit of how much more play can you squeeze out of that console before the real end.

Some gamers are stong and can take that, im not.

I gave up on my faithful companion and now im here, scouting the forums to find the perfect build to jump into the world of computer gaming.

With hindsight bias i now understand the warnings I've always ignored. The console will die, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. But is it really that bad to get rid of it? Sure i'm starting to shake from FPS withdrawls but with a new desktop it will be so much better.

I'll be better off in graphics no matter what i build, and the games wont lag so bad on gigabit ethernet. Not to mention the opertunities i'll have with the combo of 64 bit, a core 2 duo, 6-8 of ddr2 and a high speed hd. Screw the console.

Screw XBOX and good riddance!

PS: Since i never have computer gamed outside outside of starcraft in its early years any sugestions on my new build?
I want to play FPS like Crysis and COD4 but also what gear like mice and keyboards?
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  1. what resolution are we talking about ?
  2. You can play Cod4 pretty well on a pretty cheap rig, the main question is how much money you want to spend. Look on for your parts and accessories - even if they aren't the cheapest they have a really nice selection for you to part out your system. I recommend logitech gaming peripherals, but razer and microsoft are pretty nice as well.
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