Where can i download RAW AVCHD Video Samples at Full HD 1080p 17mps or

I don't know if this is the right forum section to ask this.

I'm planning to buy a camcorder probably the canon Vixia HF10, but before buying an AVCHD camcorder i need to know how my computer will handle AVCHD at Full HD 1080p @17mps or greater 24mps.

If you all Know a place where i can Download RAW AVCHD Video Samples, can you all please post the websites, Thanks.
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  1. I am a video nut of sorts, making my own stuff and memory keeping more often than average. I have learned something interesting...

    I can record and playback 100mbps vids (starting with a p4 prescott generation). All other video problems are encoding/decoding problems and is a frustration even today. It is not the machines, it is a lack of focus on true decoding and encoding. Given the battles with copyrights and how much a socialist is going to let us do with video seems to be the ambivelant anchor holding this back.

    For now 720p even through the core duos, and again starting with prescotts, seems to be the sure think for reality and true editing. the avchd is as vague as a dvd rom that works more than 2 years.
  2. I was torn between the Canon HF11 and the HF20 (I went with the HF20 in the end), you will be interested in the linked forum below where someone else was faced with the same dilemna.

    That person ended up getting hold of both models and recording some 24mps raw footage in different lighting / situations etc. They kindly uploaded and provided visitors access to these files.

    Post #37 is where the link and provided instructions to access are. Btw, once there you will probably need to right click and save target as.


    As a side note a poster mentions that the HF10 doesn't record @ 24mps.

    I hope this is what you are after.
  3. Oh geez...

    Nearly 4 months later... lol
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