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I am trying to get my Deskjet 722c to work in Vista, and although HP's site says it will, I am having problem getting it to print. The paper will begin to load, but the printer will not actually print the document. Anyways, if I can't get it to work, I need a new printer. Could someone please recommend a good printer to replace it with?

(Or, if you could solve the problem, that would be greatly appreciated.)
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  1. Do I really need a multi-function printer? I haven't noticed the need to scan or fax.
  2. hahhahah maybe your out of ink. sorry I just couldn't resist. All in ones are very useful though I would recomend the officejet 4215 all in one
  3. Don't buy a HP printer, go with Canon or Epson. HP=Landfill junk
  4. In my experience Epson printers only last about 3 years. My experience being that in 20 years I have never known someone with an epson that worked longer then 3 years. Epson does generaly offer slightly better print quality photos. I think they are also slightly cheaper.

    I cant speak for the current generation HP printers but the one I use is 10 years old and still works great. For anything accept photo printing the quality is just as good.

    The real question you should be asking in what is the cheapest per a page and what prints the fastest. This is something I dont know and why I want TH to do a printer round up. See ( )
  5. sorry for the accidental dubble post. Moderator please delete.
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