168-pin RAM trouble, please help!

I just got some ram to upgrade my computer and took out the old memory module to compare and now I can't get either modules to slide into their sockets. It's 168-pin RAM, 1 128mb, and the other 512mb. I didn't want to force the modules, how do I go about installing them?
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  1. Make sure the notches match up with the slots on the motherboard and pull the slot handles back.

    The modules should snap into place with enough force. Give the modules some initial force and gradually increase the force until they snap into place.
  2. ok, cool, got the modules in place! I tried to start up my comp but it freezes once it gets to the "Gateway" screen. It has a big gateway logo, and says "to change system settings, press <F1>" "to display system messages, press <tab> key" but doesn't do anything when i press any key.
  3. one more thing...

    168 pins is SDRAM.

    Make sure you arent trying to add these modules to a DDR board, then you should use 184 pin modules.
  4. So you bought a Gateway PC?

    Can you provide any more details?
    VGA card, sound card, processor, mobo, OS, etc..
  5. actually, it's a 4 yr old gateway that was given to me and I looked up the specs online: Quantum Fireball 20.5-GB 7200-RPM Ultra ATA/66 Hard Disk Drive [Part #5501431], 128-MB 133/100/66-MHz 64-Bit 4-Clock SDRAM DIMM [Part #5000528], Jabil AMD motherboard R4 [Part #4000646], Creative Labs Audio PCI 128D Digital Sound Card [Part #6001503], RIVA 32MB TNT-2 M64 AGP Video Card R1 [Part #6001688], AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 800-MHz Processor with 256K cache Revision 2 [Part #2510075], and I'm running Windows XP exec. on the system/\/\/\/\\\.///
  6. wow a dinosaur =)

    Windows XP?
    Win XP is too new for this setup in my opinion. I think it will run slow. Maybe you'll be okay for basic applications.

    It it said that winXP needs 256MB memory, however I think 512MB is more appropriate for today's applications.

    Also, I've heard that winXP has problems with some older hardware.

    Perhaps you might want to revert to an older OS if troubleshooting is not in your favor.
  7. i've been running XP on it for awhile and it's been ok, but since I added the new memory module (kingston kvr133X64C2/512~~~512mb, pc133, dimm, cl2)the system freezes when I try to bootup, I wouldn't mind troubleshooting, and if i have to I can run windows ME.
  8. Hmn.

    Some older SDRAM motherboards have problems with larger density chips, 32M or higher.

    128MB module before? AH HA !
    I'm guessing the memory that was working for you before was (8Mx8) or (16Mx8) configuration.

    I believe 512MB SDRAM is built using (32Mx8) x 16 chips. This might be an issue for you.
  9. Does the mobo take 512MB memory sticks?
    Do you have the manual? Did u look it up on the "Crucial" site?<A HREF="http://www.crucial.com/" target="_new">http://www.crucial.com/</A>

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