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hi, I am using acer i3 aspire 4741 notebook. I am trying to record voice on my notebook but having some problem. Having by this problem i can not voice chat with my friends. So, Please help me. My headset is correct. i think the one and only one problem is in my notebook.
Thank You
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  1. Need more information please. Can you describe the problem in more detail?
  2. What headset is it?
  3. Sir, problem is to record voice on my notebook. I am trying to record voice through voice recorder but only i listen sssssssssssssssssssssssssss sound. And i tried to speech recognition. It says "The computer did not hear anything". Either i use headset or don't. What should i do. I think my internal microphone has problem. or damaged.
  4. I am currently using samsung curby 2 mobile's headset but is is correct. I used it with my brothers notebook it is working properly
  5. Go to Control Panel->Sound and check under the recording tab to see if it detects any recording devices. If the headset is there, make sure the settings are correct and that it is not muted or set to very low volume.
  6. A mobile phone headset won't work. You need either a USB headset, or a headset with separate sound and microphone plugs.
  7. @ <mi1ez> sir I am using this mobile phone headset from last 1 year but i did not find any problem. i faced problem from only last week. I am tried my brother's and also 3 friends headset but not working on my notebook. They are using those headsets on their notebook and desktop. Ok sir i will try to use a headset with separate sound and microphone plugs.

    @<Herr_Koos> sir i did but not solved my problem. And how to be sure the settings are correct or not. if you dont mind pls give me steps i will try ....and sir i am also can't voice chat without headset. Is is not possible to voice chat without headset on my notebook(laptop) ?

    And lastly Many many thanks for your valuable time and this message.
  8. It is possible only if the laptop has a built-in microphone. Can you see any devices listed under the Recording tab? What are they?
  9. ya... i can see two devices 'Microphone Realtek High Definition Audio' and 'Stereo Mix High Definition Audio'.

    Sometimes I was chatting without headset. Today I told about it to my friend who is currently working as a computer technician. He said, "Your internal microphone may have problem, so, I think u should change it."
  10. OK, make sure the microphone is selected as the default device, then test the recording again.
  11. I tested but nothing happened......I think internal microphone has problem on my notebook. I will show to the technician. Thank you sir for your attempt...
  12. Cool, let us know what the problem was if you manage to get it fixed.
  13. Ok ! Sir.
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