HP Slimline s3400f GeForce 8500GT Grahics & BIOS issue

I just installed a GeForce 8500GT in my slimeline and have two issues. 1. after trying numerous options (esc,F2, F2, F10, F12 and Del) I cannot get to the BIOS to disable the onboard Nvidia 6150 graphics.

2. I am using speed fan and the core temp is running at 118F to 130F degrees and would like to know if there are any cooling options.

I'm thinking that by disabling the on-board graphics it will lower the voltage and thus the temp.

My knowlege is intermediate and would sure appreciate any assistance anyone could provide. Thx Mikel96413
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  1. Hi Mike, I have the same computer. Did you also changed the power supply? What have you bought exactly? Thanks.
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