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Install Windows on SSD

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September 17, 2012 8:36:45 AM

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to check I was correct before I go ahead with this.

I have decided to upgrade my PC with a new motherboard and SSD. I currently have windows installed on 500gb hdd.
Is all I need to do to get everything running okay, back up what I want from my hdd, install the new motherboard and ssd and then reinstall windows on that ssd? Once it is all installed, can I then delete all the Windows files from my hdd, and then just use it for files while using my ssd for my os and important programs? And will I need a new activation key? This is my first time using a ssd and I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right

Thanks very much

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September 17, 2012 8:50:57 AM


An sdd work as a normal disk, if installing a new mobo then i would recomend a fresh install of windows on the SDD, worth removing you old disk first as 2 boot partitions when installing windows can cause issues. One installed plug in your old hdd and then copy and remove whats needed.
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September 17, 2012 8:59:38 AM

As billybiff says, remove your old HDD temporarily so that only the SSD is installed when you reinstall Windows (just avoids Windows accidentally installing critical files on the wrong drive).

OEM Windows licenses are linked to your motherboard and so you will need a new license in this case.

Retail Windows licenses can be moved to a new motherboard.

If you aren't sure what you've got, right click 'Computer' and choose properties. At the bottom of the screen under 'Windows Activation' there is a product ID. If this is all numbers you most likely have a retail version. If the letters OEM appear, then ... well you can figure it out ;) 
September 17, 2012 9:01:22 AM

Thanks guys, i apperciate it. I just wanted to make sure before I began