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Cheap Monitor Help, Please.

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
October 20, 2007 9:12:22 PM

Hello, as some of you may have found out from my various postings around tom's hardware, I am currently looking to build a decent computer. I have most of the components figured out, but now I need to get a monitor.

With this monitor, I plan to game and do other regular stuff. I will most likely be getting an 8800gts 320MB, or a new 8800gt 512Mb version if it shows to be any good. The thing is with all of these relatively expensive components(call me poor, I don't care. <.< >.>), I do not really have too much to spend on a monitor. I am obviously looking for an lcd.

I do not really play in high resolutions(1024x768 is what I am using now), so I think I can get away with a 19''.

The link provided is in no way a final decision, but actually the first sub-$150 dollar monitor that I saw after opening my browser. Per say I was to go with that monitor, would it negate the use of the relatively expensive GPU? From what I can tell, it has good resolution and what not and is in my price range. Coincidentally it has built in speakers which is not currently in my budget if I was not getting them free. I am in no way an audiophile.

Thank you so very much,

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October 22, 2007 2:06:16 PM

haha, I guess nobody actually checks this forum. >.<