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Calibration Service: Firedog vs Geek Squad?

Last response: in Home Theatre
September 23, 2008 2:48:51 AM

hi all,

CC is offerimg calibration service for $149 vs BB's $299?

wondering what the difference is?

Does BB use better tool or somethin'?

and can I truse these guys at all?

I have read on some reviews that neither of these guys are scam.

Any advice?

October 1, 2008 7:04:40 PM

Hello Kevin, my name is Cody and I'm a sales associate at Circuit City. I work in Home Entertainment currently and I could answer this particular question for you with ease. By having Circuit City’s Firedog do a Calibration on your TV, we use white glove service, wear the booties over our shoes, use our own tools, (never use customers tools or utilities), have a two day window for installation date, two hour window, and provide a lifetime guarantee of craftsmanship. Essentially the benefit of having Firedog do a Calibration on your TV is that its half the cost of what Best Buy will charge you, plus we offer all those great benefits of having us install it for you.
January 8, 2009 7:20:15 PM

Circuit City is not A ISF- trained dealer.
March 8, 2009 12:45:30 AM

Not only are they not ISF certified, but they're out of business. Hmmmmm.

Best Buy will NEVER use the customers "tools" either. In fact, they come equipped with their own $12,000 worth of equipment to tap into the manufacture settings on the TV. Sure, you can change the color, contrast, tint, etc. but you can't change the internet temperature like they can. If you do this yourself, you could risk the TV by pressing a wrong "button" or answering yes to a no question, etc. If you do that, don't expect your TV to work, ever. By trusting Best Buy, you're trusting that they'll do the Calibration, professionally. Although Best Buy doesn't have a turn around time like CC did (2 days), that doesn't matter. You don't want your TV calibrated right away, anyway. You want as least 200 hours on it for LCD and 400 hours for Plasma. So a two day turn around time is 48 hours, good luck with that. Best Buy will Calibrate two inputs for you (HDMI) and give you a day and a night mode for better viewing.

I never trusted Circuit City ... and now with them out of business, I see why.
March 8, 2009 12:46:19 AM

Ha, and by internet I meant internal. Oops.