How good are the sony Vaio FW notebooks

Hi, I am currently looking to buy the Sony Vaio FW series laptop.

It has
320GB 7200rpm

Estimated Battery Life : Up to 4.0 hours Standard Capacity Battery
Up to 6.0 hours Large Capacity Battery

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650 with Total Available Graphics Memory of 2790MB (max.)
Video RAM : 1GB dedicated Video RAM

1066MHz, L2 Cache : 3MB, Speed : 2.53GHz
Technology : Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology
Type : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor P8700

Integrated Stereo A2DP Bluetooth® Technology (2.1 + EDR)

1920 x 1080 16.4"4
XBRITE-FullHD™ Technology


Blu-ray Disc™ Support : Read/ Write (BD-R/-RE/-ROM)

All for $1,350

On paper, this laptop seems like a really good buy, but I am wondering if I should get it. It has a near HD display, Blue-ray rom, and a 1gig video card. From the looks of it, it should have no problems playing games such as Call of Duty, GTA-SA, CS, and it should satisfy my multimedia needs with its display size and quality. It seems like an all rounder laptop.

So the question is, are there any problems with the Sony Vaio series that any of you know of. Does anyone have any objections with Sony laptops....and why do they. I am not willing to pay anymore that this price, and so far this seems the best and most specs for the price. I have not been able to find much reviews for it, so that is why I am here as I do not want to buy it and regret it later.

Thanks for all the help
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  1. Hi,
    I'm currently in the process of considering this laptop too. Sorry I can only agree with you that this laptop looks really good on paper. However, the man reason why i'm posting is to show you this little link.

    Nearly the same machine at $950 Basically no blu-ray, screen resolution is down to 1600x900. I don't really see any spec differences other than that. Just thought you might be interested.
  2. Ok, so looking some more and I still think that this laptop is a steal. I would really like to see some more comments on this build....

    Only two newegg reviews and other sites seem lacking too, so I'm really interested in seeing more opinions.
  3. Don't get Sony, You can get a similar laptop from HP for 1200, and also get better quality and bigger screen.

    Sony charges a premium just for its name.
  4. and the HP can cost less than 950, on sale. Check it at newegg
  5. Please provide links. I've been looking on newegg for quite a bit in the last 5 days and I still see this sony being on par price wise.
  6. ... yeah , i agree with you ... there ain't any reviews at all! i don't know why! maybe it's because the 4th series is completely new...
    but they're different from the 3rd series , considering the high rated graphic card ATI Radeon 4650 ...
    athough i think i'm going to get the machine , i'm a little bit afraid of the fact that the specs aren't the only issue ...
    check this out
  7. I wish I had seen your message earlier, I spent $1100 on a FW370 in March, been in the repair shop twice, fist bad IO controller, of course they wiped the disk. then 1.5 months later the disk is bad, waiting to get it back. Also if you get one with integrated Intel 4 series graphics forget playing any real games. Dont get me wrong-for the money the FW had everything I wanted. but two repairs in less than 4 months. So if your Vaio starts to make an occasional sad sounding beep and click from under the touchpad, immediately backup your critical data, because the blue screen of death and no boot will be coming soon. Also am upset with Fry's-i bought a 5 yr warranty, only to have them find some tiny bit of case damage when I went in about the second problem. I didnt damage it, their idiot check in clerk turned it up on side to get serial. But Fry's now says that may negate teh warranty, and I may have to pay to fix case before I can rely on teh warranty being valid. Overall I will never buy another Sony or buy at Fry's.
  8. i wouldnt purchase a sony vaio fw series although the specification on the computer is amazing i have had to send it back to vaio three times and i am awaiting them to pic kit up for the 4th time the paint is wearing of around the edges and in the mouse button n i havent even had the laptop a year, the left mouse button has started to not work i have to click it a few times before it does and the touch pad seems to mess up an awful lot too. I really want to get rid of this but i cant sell the laptop in the state its in and to be honest i wouldnt want to put this on anyone I want sony to replae it however i have lost all trust in sony vaio products so i woudnt be buying one out of choice again!!
  9. I have had four Vaio computers. You know the old saying "you get what you pay for", well I think that is true especially when buying computers. Three of the four have been better than excellent! I only replaced one with the other because I wanted more memory or bigger screen etc. I love the Vaio and would not buy any other computer. At one point I bought a lower cost Vaio and that was not a good idea. Had a problem (previously described by another poster) some buzzing, then a blank screen. That Vaio was nine days old and it went back to the store for a replacment. Yes, I bought another Vaio and opted for a higher dollar model, FW series. This is a fantastic computer with all the goodies I could ask for. Great graphics, tons of memory and fast processor. I would buy another Vaio and would recommend one to anybody who wants superior Sony quality!
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