Audio not working properly & not tuning digital channels

I just bought my roomates a new lcd tv and a couple hdmi cables, and they have two issues with it. The tv is model: LCD HDTV SHARP LC-32SB24U 720P

1. Audio is not working properly. It switches from stereo to mono randomly. I have tried playing with the settings and it is set to stereo, but it still goes back and forth.

2. They are not able to tune into any digital channels. We have Comcast premium cable, and they are using one of the provided cable-boxes. It is the older model of cable-box, not the fancy new one-but I would think it should be able to get digital channels as the box says "digital" on the front. I am using the same cable connection, but without the box, and I get all the networks' digital channels just fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my tech-experience is in computers not tvs. The only thing I could think of is that is is connected wrong- it looks like they have the cable box connected to the dvd player, and the dvd player connected to the tv via a single hdmi cable.
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  1. There is no way they can have the cable box hooked to the DVD as it doesn't have any inputs only outputs. Both cable box and DVD have to connect directly to the TV with the hdmi cables. It sounds like your cable box is the problem. Since Comcast owns it they should replace it at no charge. The audio problem may also be the cable box. Is the sound stereo when the cable is hooked directly to the TV?
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