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I have submitted a request to Eureka miniatures 100 club for "half-dressed
Hessians." These figures are to be used for Trenton games and should depict
the Hessians as they appeared the morning of the Battle, partial dressed as
they went into the fight (due to the American surprise attack). I am asking for
the support of those gamers, who like me, have been wanting these figures.
Thank you.

This is from their website,

"The 100 Club and 300 Club are concepts that allows a degree of interactivity
to the wargames hobby.

We all have figures in mind that we have wanted to see produced, but no
manufacturer has deemed worthy of making. Now Eureka Miniatures puts you in the
driving seat.

Working on the premise that you are not alone in wanting that special figure
that no one makes, Eureka Miniatures have set up the 100 Club (25/28mm) and 300
Club (15mm) to record and accumulate the requests for custom miniatures and
hopefully turn them into economically viable projects.

The figures we produce are first class. Our designers will interpret your
requests and will make a minimum of four variants of the figure you requested.
However, Eureka Miniatures reserves the right to make only one of a

We ask you to provide your credit card details to show that you are serious in
your intent. Charges to your card will only apply after you confirm your order
with us ie. when we reach the required number, and will be made after the
figures have been produced and despatched to you. All credit card details are
retained with your personal security in mind.

How does it work?

In order to work, the Club needs your input and support.

Tell us the figure you want us to make, provide us with the best concise
description you can - pictures most welcome - and then tell us how many you
would be willing to purchase.

When this request has been processed it will added to the Club.
Visitors to the web site will then be able to register the number of figures
they are willing to purchase.

As soon as the total number of figures requested reaches 150 for the 100 Club
and 600 for the 300 Club (the number Eureka needs to break even), and at least
ten (10) customers have registered interest, each person who has made an order
will be contacted by e-mail to confirm the order is still required.

Once the confirmations have been received, the figure will then be added to our
In Production schedule."
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    You may want to rethink this. They may not have been as undressed as you
    think. Reference - Washingtons Crossing - a fairly new book.
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Hmm. I appreciate the information but I am still going to push for it. A
    little artistic license is always at play in miniature gaming . It's probably
    doubtful that Napoleon's troops attacked in full dress and there are always
    more Zouaves on ACW tables than you would probably find on a battlefield but
    that's all part of the fun. As far as "myths" go, at least I didn't request
    "drunken, half dressed Hessians!" ; - )
  3. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Specifically, the duty Regiment was RALL, and was up and fully dressed.
    Lossberg and Knyphausan were ordered to be sleep dressed and with cartridge
    belt. There had been a good deal of rebel activity and his troops were on
    high alert. Indeed, the previous day an unauthorized patrol had caused
    quite a stir.

    What saved the day and the element of surprise was a nasty nor'easter
    dumping a nasty selection of sleet, rain and snow that caused the Hessian
    guards to not patrol aggressively as ordered.

    Apparently, they hadn't been drinking that heavilly either. Another myth,
    but it was in Washingtons plan. Indeed, almost everything had gone wrong
    with Washingtons plan. Between amazing luck, and extreme perseverance, and
    desperation born of necessity, courage won out.

    The Hessians were described as quite professional. On this day however, no
    one was going to beat Washington.

    Surprised soldiers would however be fun to do. More ragged early war
    Americans would also be nice.
  4. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Mike, Eureka also has ragged Americans in the 100 club but they haven't reached
    the numbers required to produce them yet.
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