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Is it possible to upgrade my dell optiplex 745 - i tried to replace the E2160 with a E6550 but it would not register
Anyone upgraded
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  1. 745 boards are supposed to be able to handle most 775 processors, they can even take a Q6600.

    Can you check and see if a BIOS update is available
  2. Hi there I have also got an Optiplex 745 and trying to install an E6550.

    I don't think this is going to work as the 745 has an intel 945 chipset which is limited to 1066mhz FSB and 65nm processors.

    The E6550 is 65nm but it has a 1333mhz FSB.

    I've downloaded the latest (2010) BIOS update from Dell as my BIOS is quite old (2006) but I don't think it will help.
  3. I also own a 745 and found out that it handles E2xxx,E4xxx and E6xxx 65nm 1033 cpus as you stated.
    From digging around the web the E6700 is the fastest.
    I have seen threads which says a Q6600 works but according to Intels website at this link: http://ark.intel.com/chipset.aspx?familyID=22756&wapkw=(q965)
    the E6700 is the fastest.
    Me personally I picked up an used $15 E4300 Allendale 1.8 ghz fsb 800 L2 2mb which I pinmodded to 2.4ghz 1066mhz L2 2mb which essentially equals a handicapped
    E6600 Conroe (it has 4mb L2 and virtualisation Vt).
    The pin mod is show here. http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/341123-intel-bsel-vid-mod-guide.html#post3980695
    It is the only way to overclock a Dell/HP etc.
    I dont recommend it unless your willing to risk your equipment.
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