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I have recently been getting frequent BSOD on my gaming computer. I think the reason for this being is the store put in a cheapy sound card and due to it being outdated or non compatible i am pretty sure it is causing BSOD with the outdated/non compatible drivers. This problem is getting more and more frequent and frustrating. I cannot update the driver due to not even being able to find a model number for it and do not want to risk installing the wrong driver and worsening the problem. All I know is that the driver is C-media technologies and the name associated with it is cmudax3.sys. I have not been able to find drivers for it anywhere. I managed to find a driver download page on the c-media website however it requires me to login on a chinese written page. Obviously that is a no.. I am running windows 7 64bit and an intel x58 MSI motherboard
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  1. Why don't you remove the "cheapy sound card" and use the on-board audio? Most low quality sound cards are actually inferior to the sound produced by many modern on-board audio solutions. Just a suggestion for now.

    Then, with the sound card removed, take a couple of photos of both sides of the card and someone might be able to help identify what model you actually have.
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