please help, hard drive accessibility problem

Essentially the partition, file structure and drive show up fine in DOS and the diagnostic programs I've been using but once I boot into Windows XP Professional all I get is a drive letter with nothing inside.

I get a hard drive icon and a label of Local Disk but the drive does not show up in disk management and I can't run disk fragmenter or disk check because although they show up as options they don't load as programs once I click on them.

Basically it showed up fine one day and after booting down and turning everything on the next day instead of loading and showing all of its files it simply showed a drive letter and clicking on the icon opened an empty folder with nothing inside. Opening the properties shows a drive with 0 space under a raw file system.

This is one of my two external hard drives, and the other hard drive which is the same brand and model type: Maxtor Plus II, works fine even under the connections and settings. I'm using a generic usb 2.0 external case, and not a Maxtor external case for my hard drives.

The hard drive loads fine and is recognized under DOS, I've used FDISK, NTFSReader, and a number of other utilities from the Ultimate Boot CD and they recognize it. I've even been able to extract a few files using NTFSReader to back them up. But I can't seem to get WinXP to recognize it again. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Does formatting using the XP disk management tools work?

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  2. If that were my drive, I would boot from my Partion Magic 8 CD and check the partion for errors, and then attempt to fix them.
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