XP Pro --PLEASE HELP ME! i need 1 file

hi, Please can somebody help me.. I Deleted a very important system file. :( i know i know.
it was in the root directory of C:
it was a hidden .sys file cant remeber the name but it had like a letter then 2 numbers 1letter 2numbers .sys
something like that i think it had ***e10**.sys something like that. I now have my hard drive at my mothers house. but i cannot recover anything from the recycle bin.. it says its empty. the file was small i wanna say 19k or 44K. dont ask why i deleted it...
the computer gets past the bios screen then crashes and restarts the bios screen again. and again, and again .ERRRR

please somebody help me.. Please email me the file.

for some reason with my HD. installed in moms Comp. it wont let me access MY Documents. and when i run Norton System information it says that that file is empty but should have 4gigs in it.

when i opened that file with notepad it was just one long string of numbers, 1line real long.
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  1. in my C root I've got: (including all hidden files)

    Directory of c:\

    05/04/2002 11:48 PM 0 AUTOEXEC.BAT
    05/04/2002 11:48 PM 0 CONFIG.SYS
    02/26/2001 07:04 AM <DIR> Documents and Settings
    03/05/2001 06:06 AM <DIR> Program Files
    03/05/2001 06:06 AM <DIR> WINDOWS
    05/04/2002 11:38 PM 194 boot.ini
    05/04/2002 05:28 PM 512 BOOTSECT.DOS
    03/08/2001 05:42 AM 267,964,416 hiberfil.sys
    05/04/2002 11:48 PM 0 IO.SYS
    05/04/2002 11:48 PM 0 MSDOS.SYS
    08/23/2001 12:00 AM 45,124 NTDETECT.COM
    08/23/2001 12:00 AM 222,368 ntldr
    03/08/2001 05:42 AM 805,306,368 pagefile.sys
    02/18/2001 12:06 PM <DIR> RECYCLER
    05/05/2002 07:33 AM <DIR> System Volume Information

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  2. hi, thanks,
    the file i need is not listed in your post.
    the reason i deleted it was that I didnt remember it from before. and it was sitting next to some new spyware that just snuck in. so i opened it with notepad and all it was, was 1 very long string of numbers with a few * in there but no spaces. so i figured that it just made it in with the spyware. so bang your dead. then i shut down for the nite and then forgot something so i go to boot up again and then it would just cycle thru the bios screen. so i figured that it has to be that file. not letting windows initiate.
    so now im kinda screwed. i was able to get the HD to work in this PC but it says my recycle bin is empty. which it shouldnt be. and it wont let me in to C:\documents and settings\drvtec\******
    it says that drvtec Can not access, access denied.
    and it shows no little + sign to indicate that anything else is under there. I had 4 gigs of important data that is now GONE!??? maybe it wont let me in cause it knows that this isnt the computer it is suppost to be in.

    now if i reinstall windows i am going to lose all my personal settings and tweaks that its taken me 7 months to set up..
    I am considering buying a 3rd HD to install fresh. then i figure that i can somehow extract a file with my settings from the currant c:
    but i am still missing those 4gigs. Errrrr:(
    i cant even do a system restore to last know good config. cause it will just cycle the bios like its been doing

    I wont be able to check this post or email till monday. so please let me know what you think. thanks

    so can somebody tell me how to save my personal settings and reinstall windows without formating over stuff or losing data. but im still missing those 4gigs. of pics videos, personal data etc. can i put a partition on c:\ and reinstall to that.? i have about 55 gigs free there. how big of a partion should i make? my program files consist of about 15-20gigs should i put that stuff in the same partion later. or make one partion for Windows. a second for program files and a thrid for videos etc.

    Thanks Again Brandon
  3. You can repair your current installation of windows. Just run setup from your CD in the first steps setup will prompt you to repair windows using recovery consol "do not choose this method" but bypass this by just choosing to install windows. The setup will then scan your hard drive for previously installed versions of windows. It will then prompt you to repair the current installation buy pressing "R" or install a fresh copy of XP. Choose the repair option and setup will continue through the whole process of setting up windows but save all your settings and files from the previous installation. The only things you'll have to do then is run windows updates (for some reason setup takes out all Microsoft's updates). Also reinstall all updated drivers (setup will takeout any non certified drivers and replace them with Microsoft's native ones if it has them. "As we all know they tend not to be as good as ones from the device's manufacturer").
  4. it'a obviously not a critical system file if it's not in my listing. But a repair install should fix you up.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
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