Upgrade Dell Optiplex GX270

Have recently bought a cheap DELL OPTIPLEX GX270 for my son,
but he wants to play games on it

What sort of graphics card is best and what works?

I know i need a Low Profile Graphics card cause it is the slim version
But don't know which one will work

Please help
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  1. Hi brummy
    You are not going to be able to put anything decent in the Dell as the power supply is very small and not able to power anything good enough to play games well...


    small form-factor computer: 160 W
    small desktop computer: 210 W
    small mini-tower computer: 250 W

    Anyone know if there is a low power GPU that would work?

  2. I know this is an old thread, but some people still might be trying to upgrade there inexpensive Optiplex GX-270. It is correct about not being able to add a more powerful power supply, so because of that you are limited to up grade choices for games. I still use the game Axis & Allies, and this game is about the max my old Optplex can handle, and it only handles this game OK. I did purchase a GeForce 6200 512MB low profile (capable) GPU for any chance to play this game correctly, the stock GeForce4 MX 64MB GPU just plain hung up and shuddered a lot . I added a 1Gig memory stick to the stock 512MB of memory my box came with, and this seemed to smooth out the game action a bit also. With all of that done, I can play Axis & Allies in a high resolution with only slight hesitation in the game play when there is a lot of heavy action for the graphics to keep up with. Also, one other thing that actually helped out a little was to turn off any thing running in the back ground that you do not absolutely need, simply go to RUN>TYPE IN MSCONFIG>GO TO START TAB and shut off every thing you can. This gives your CPU less junk to keep track of and frees up processing power.
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