3rd Party Batteries Just as Good?

Need a new battery for a Dell E1505 laptop. Found some batteries really cheap on ebay. Batteries are brand new and 100% OEM compatible. My question is, are these batteries just as good as say, a battery I buy straight from dell? The cells of the same quality and capacity? I realize I would be spending much much more if I were to go to dell for this thing, so I would be willing to sacrifice some quality. I just didn't know if 3rd party batteries are known to be just as good, almost as good, or if they are cheap and fail much sooner than an actuall Dell OEM battery. Here are the 2 batteries I was looking at. One is a 6 and the other is a 9 cell:



In general, is there any major drawback to these cheaper aftermarket batteries? Thanks.
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  1. i think some oem battery is the same quality as the original one. I often buy products from ebay. Most of them is high quality, but i suggest you don't choose the cheapest one, that may a bad battery. of cource, the 9cell battery is better than 6 cells. If you don't trust ebay, you can buy it from internet. My battery was purache fromLaptop battery ship worldwide last year, it's worked fine.
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