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I play Modern Warefar 2 and when I start the game it freezes almost immediately and I don’t know why The PC specs are listed below pleas help all drivers are up to date and I am stumped.

MOBO ( Asus P5QL Pro )
CPU ( Intel Q9650 not OC )
Ram ( 8gigs of Kingston DDR2 800MHz )
Video ( MSI Radeon HD4850 2D1GOC )
Hard drive ( 500GB WD Black )
Operating system ( windows 7 home premium 64Bit )
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  1. I assume MW2 is updated so remove your video card drivers and reinstall them. Also when does it freeze? Immediately upon loading the game or when you start to play it? Is this the only game it happens in as well...
  2. No mention of PSU wattage or brand. could be the PSU is strugglling...
  3. it freezes when the I for infility shows and not one seconde after.

    My PSU is the
    OCZ ModXStream Pro / 700W / EZ Mod Cable Management / Active PFC

    the PSU is brand new but the old one was not power full enough the Real tech 500 watt dual fan PSU don’t know the exact model number of it of but the ocz runs everything nominally

    And yes everything is up to date is there a way to reinstall the game without losing my progress

    and this mobo has no onboard video so removing the card to is not an option ill try uninstalling the drivers

    Does anyone know why Microsoft & non Microsoft products runing on Windows get weird computer glitches after 4 or 5 month of being installed on any computer?
    Or is it an unexplained mystery LOL.
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    This link may prove helpful.. It lists many errors and fixes for MW2, so you can try a few things in it possibly

    It also appears (if necessary) that save games are located in Steamapps/Common/call of duty modern warfare 2/Players/save
  5. If its freezing almost immediately id say its the game itself. Again id try to remove the video drivers and reinstall them to see if that fixes it. If not uninstall and reinstall the game.

    Highly doubt its your power supply.
  6. don't quite know what happened but a reinstall worked thanks fore the saved games file location got it back up and running
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