Alert: ASUS Xonar sound card driver has fake EAX

EAX effects work under Vista with ALchemy software - available from Creative
downloads website for a year now. I use it with my X-Fi card: EAX and Vista play nicely together.

If Xonar drivers actually trick games into seeing EAX capable hardware that is not there then it is just matter of time before
someone sues ASUS. Myself I am rather tired of their rather thick
marketing claims about just anything. ASUS are so irritating and
will not see my money for long.

This is becoming interesting anyway. More here:
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  1. Unless Xonar cards have audigy or x-fi chips or the the one use on E-mu in it, EAX is not posible.

    If it has a different processing system but they can't call it EAX.
    If your into games surround is good enough but for die hard gamers Creative chips is the top rank due to EAX.

    I just don't like creative terminal connection system on thier none pro cards, but thier cards are good.

    So what can we say about the company who pioneered home pc audio system? making posible to do HTPC.
  2. I just stumpled on this old flame of ASUS Xonar card. I personally bought both the Asus Xonar D2 and the Creative X-FI Titanium. I returned the Creative because I found both the HiFi quality of the Xonar and the Headphone Surround Sound emulation to be better in the Xonar.

    If you consider either a ASUS Xonar or Creative sound card, these reviews are definitely worth a read:
  3. ASUS > Creative.

    Heck, even ASUS' EAX implementation (through drivers) makes more sense then Creative (through Alchemy)
  4. agree with gamerk316

    and by the way, do u really really need eax? is surround sound alone not enough??

    if u have asus, there quality is so gd, u can just thrash creative card, and stick it to teh bin...

    u dont need eax...
  5. The only 'good' thing about EAX itself is that audio effects can traverse environments, but I've noticed newer SW engines have started to use this effect...

    If you play older games, EAX is an improvment, but frankly, SW engines have caught up in ability. Hence why so few (any?) games out in the past year used EAX...
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