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For a while there are some TV's/monitors that are using 1920x1080 resolution and having it at a really small screen - 24".
I think the first who came up with this idea was Acer and made ACER P244W, now there are other models from Acer and other brands like Asus and BENQ.
They all seem the same to me, prices are also the same, but things like contrast are different.
Wanted to know which monitor or TV do you recommend (only 24" and full hd with HDMI)?
I will use it for PS3 and my PC, these monitors don't come with 2 or more HDMI slots, so I guess HDMI and DVI will be used.
Also maybe there is a newer, better also larger TV/monitor that has is in this price range?
Now I'm using Samsung 225MW and I can't say nothing much good about it... many bugs :/
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  1. I've got twin 24 inch Hyundai W240D monitors on my computer. I also have a Comcast HD cable box in there and I run the HDMI out from the cable box to one of my monitors. When I want to watch TV, I just switch the input on the one monitor from DVI to the HDMI port, and I've got full 1080p TV.

    The Hyundai's may not be the best monitor out there, but the price was right and the picture looks great to me! When watching Nascar racing in HD, I can see the lug nuts flying off the cars even when the camera is showing the whole pit lane!

    Maybe someone can explain to me why I cannot buy a flat-panel television that will do 1080p resolution, until you get up around 40 inchs or larger. If they can do it on a 24 inch computer monitor, why not a television. Everything I see smaller than 40 inches is 720p, which is still better than standard definition, but the 1080p just looks so much better, that I hate to watch TV on anything else in the house now.

    I have a couple of EVGA GTX280 video cards in my computer, so I usually keep the computer running in SLI, using one monitor for whatever and I keep the other set to run as a TV.

    When I'm not watching a program or channel that's not HD, I just switch the monitor from 16:9 to 4:3 format, and I've got a regular TV.

    I have an Avermedia TV tuner in the computer, and I can record standard definition TV to the hard disk and the picture is surprisingly good for a computer TV tuner. Usually, those aren't all that great.

    However......, just this past weekend, I hooked up a Haupage HD PVR 1212 that I bought on Newegg. It will record in whatever format the program is being broadcast. It can record at 1080p onto the computer hard disk through a USB cable from the PVR to the computer. I don't use the small, 3 watt speakers on the Hyundai monitor. I keep them turned off and route the sound output through my trusty old Klipsch 4.1, 400 watt system. It may be analog, but I prefer them to any of the newer digital speaker systems that are in my price range.

    Then, I can watch the program later, in full HD, or, (when it arrives), use my Blue Ray DVD burner to burn the recorded program to a BD disk and save it. Even though the Haupage HD PVR 1212 encodes the program to the H.264 format, the files can still get quite large. I bought a Seagate Barracuda 1.5 terabyte HD just to use for file storage.

    Back from when I can just begin to remember things, when I was about four or five years old, we didn't even have a TV. Most people didn't. I remember that the first TV my parents bought was, (if I remember it correctly), a Muntz brand that had a round screen! There was a kind of mask thing on the front of the cabinet that cut off the top and bottom view of the screen so that it appeared somewhat squared off, but it was clearly just a round CRT...., black and white only, of course!

    What changes from then till now! Back then, the programming was only on for certain times of the day and we could only get three or four channels. Everything went off the air at about ten PM and didn't come back on until seven or so in the morning.

    Now I've got seven TV's in the house...., eight if you count my computer, and I've even got one in the garage! We get a hundred and some channels....., and sometimes....., there's still nothing on that's worth watching!
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