Dell 2005fpw no longer work. Back light maybe?

My Dell 20.1" LCD 2005fpw was flickering and recently stop turning on. Someone suggested it might be the backlight so I opened it up and saw the end of the backlight was burnt. The wires was coming loose, the rubber spacing was breaking apart, and the top of the spectrum panel(?) was a bit burnt. The top back lights were the problem while it seems the bottom back light was fine.

I am not sure what kind of back light it uses. The spec says CCFL (6) edgelight system. That's all I really know. Can anyone tell me which light would work for the Dell 2005fpw? Also, if the top got busted but the bottom looks fine both would still not light up right?
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  1. If it's still under warranty then call Dell to get it fixed. If it's out of warranty then just get it repaired by your local PC repair shop. Just make sure they are able to service LCD monitors.

    The CCFL used in LCDs are proprietary. You can simply walk into a Home Depot or other store to buy those CCFL.
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