What is the difference between these 2 Creative Xi-Fi cards?

Can sum1 tell whats the difference between these 2 Xi-Fi Cards?

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 Channels ($60)


Creative 7.1 Channels Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional Series ($85)

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  1. fatal1ty is better in that it has X-RAM - onboard memory for sounds. it is used by a few games but not many though. It also has a connector for an external break-out box, should you ever need one.
    On the other side: the Gamer (non-fatality, the cheaper one) has an optical out and a connector for a standard front audio on most PC cases.
  2. Ok, I like that Optical out and the ability to connect to the front of the case.
    So it seems like the Cheaper one would be better for me.

    But sounwise, are they the same?

    Also, does X-Ram make the games that support it runs faster or sound better?
  3. If you have a good procesor (core2duo etc), this X-rams are not a revolution. This rams helps to proces the sound.
  4. it does not work that way. XRAM does not take over from PC RAM. If a game is written to take full advantage of EAX 5.0 then some samples are being loaded into XRAM. So if you dont have it it wont work. I am not saying it makes a lot of difference sound-wise but it does make audible difference in e.g. Q4 and I use fatal1ty card myself. If you are on budget then don't worry about XRAM though it is not THAT important as it used only in a few games.
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