Zune playlist won't change artist/album names

Ok I just added a bunch of music to my Zune playlist thingy and had to fix all the artist and albums and what not. No problems yet. Then I couple songs out of some of the albums won't change the artist names. I tried to add it to the rest of the album but nothing. I had to removing two albums because they created 20+ new artists and albums with like one song in each one.

I've edited tag with mp3tag editor and went to properties where it says they are changed, but the Zune playlist won't change.. anyone have this problem cause it is very annoying.
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  1. Zune Reset Tool

    Run this tool to make the Zune software to reset and rescan your collection. It shouldn't change anything except force it to rescan your previous changes, such as the album art, and artist.
  2. Thank you so much...
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