Cable Modem disconnectios

I have just installed a terajet cable modem via a usb port.
The installwent ok but now I am getting disconnects after being online for 2-9 minutes.As soon as I restart I can reconnect to the internet without fail.I just do,nt know where to start looking.I have a Mesh pc with an athlon 900 processer and a asus a7v motherboard.OP system is windows me,I would be gratefull for any help.
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  1. I strongly suggest you install a nic card and use it instead of the USB port .. also you might find help in the forums at


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  2. It's most likely a problem with either the modem or ISP.
    Call them.

    (BTW, not all modems can use RJ45, lots are just USB. Especially satellite modems)

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  3. Is your modem just a straight USB to USB connection, or are you using a Ethernet card with USB on one end and RJ-45 on the ohter? If so you might need to update your drivers for the card. Second I would try re-booting your modem. Unplug it for about 30-60 seconds then plug it back in. It works on RCA modems might on yours.
    Good luck

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