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Windows 7 64 bit runs extremely slow with 4gigs but fine with 2gb ram

Hi.I've installed windows 7 64 bit on a second hard drive with vista 32 bit on the first.
I have two 2gb pc26400 kingston ram which runs fine on the vista os but with windows 7 64bit ,it's running extremely slow until i remove one of the ram sticks.
Is there anyway to solve this,the main reason i downloaded the 64bit was to use all 4 gigs
I would appreciate any help.thanks

Geforce 9500gt 1gb
2*2gb pc26400 kingston ram
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    solved with a bios update!
  2. i have the same problem exactly the sam an i dont know waht to do can you tell me if you find the error?
  3. Hi. I posted my answer already.I updated the bios.Hope you fix it
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