which faster?(1xSATA 10000RPM or 2x7200RPM RAID0)

I will buy SATA hardisk,but I don't know which is faster of the two options?
1. 1xSATA 10000RPM hardisk
2. 2xSATA 7200RPM hardisk ,and setup to raid 0

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  1. Thanks,I have found answer in the subject"Raptor or 2x standard SATA with Raid0" post by
    dbruynmf .
  2. It's ok guys, I'm taking credit for this. :lol:

    OK it's your choice:
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    ...Hey wait a minute! A boat's a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anything. It could even be a boat
  3. Oh, shoot, me is late again.

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