Better choice windows live essentials or outlook 2010 for windows 7 pro 64-bit

i'll be getting a new i7 processor (windows 7 pro 64-bit) and office suite pro within the next few days

question: better e-mail option?>>> windows live essentials or outlook 2010
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  1. I like Outlook 2010, but Thunderbird is a good choice.
  2. outlook 2010
  3. Outlook is the bane of my existence at work, but it is worlds better than live essentials.

    Think of it this way: Live essentials is free crap for the masses that allows people to have the most basic functionality possible, where as Office is expensive and is designed to be used in a professional environment. Outlook is more complicated, and has a workflow that I lothe, but it also has a ton of options and capabilities that Essentials simply does not have.
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