Z-5500 vs 5300e with Audigy 2 ZS

Hi folks;

Looking for any plugs or more importantly concers to help me decide between these 2. I don't watch a ton of movies on my PC, but my other love in life ( aside from my wife of course :)) is I'm a fairly heavy audiophile. is the quality and configuration differences between these 2 sets signifcant? the sub is definatly a huge difference but mainly interested in the front and centers, and also mainly running in analog mode. The card is already in the PC and I'm displacing a Yamaha TSS-1 setup with one of these 2 speaker sets.

Any input would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I just got the Z-5500 yesterday and I f***ing love them!! I watched LOTR:ROTK Extended last night on them and it was just like being at a friggin cinema! the subwoofer is so incredibly large and powerful it will make you vibrate out of your seat when turned up loud. And the best part is you don't lose quality even when turned up to the top (which is incredibly loud, I might add, and you'll likely never use it this loud) I can't really comment on the Z-5300 but I can say that every application I have used the Z-5500 for so far (movies, music and games) It has shone through with flying colours. I'm listing to some music right now and I think the subwoofer may pound a hole through the floor :)
  2. IF u dont wanna get the z550's because its a $$$ issue then get the z-680's not the 5300e.
    I had the z-680 basically the same thing as the z5500 just a 8 inch sub They were great but the klipsch ultras are significantly better.

    sice ure only gonna be running analog go with the ultras.
    U said u needed good sattelites right well the klipsch sat's have .75 inch tweeters which give them nice high's
    GO with The Klipsch Ultras

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  3. "z-680 basically the same thing as the z5500 just a 8 inch sub"

    They don't look as good either :) Are these Klipsch things the same price as 5500? Oh well I like my bass anyway :)
  4. Klipsch dominated on the highs and lows, and the quality is better. They are a bit more expencive. Save the money and go quality man! You wont regret it! I know I didnt.

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