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As noted in my other thread in the new build section, I will be getting a cheaper laptop to supplement my $1000 - $1300 desktop. After doing some research, and learning that I can get an OS for free, I've settled on getting the Lenovo R500 as the laptop. I decided early on the laptop budget would be $600 - $700, and the Lenovo, with a memory upgrade, comes to a bit more than $700. The model I would order from Lenovo is configured in essentially the base configuration - Core 2 Duo P8600, 1 GB DDR3, 250GB HDD, basic Intel IGP, random other things (combo drive and no webcam, which isn't an issue as I'll never use them), and Vista Home Basic. After getting a memory kit for 4GB from Newegg, and Vista Business free, the cost becomes $705. I am aiming to purchase tomorrow, in order to ensure I get it before I have to leave on the 20th of August. I was wondering if anyone could give any input on this purchasing decision - whether or not it is a good idea. I liked the Lenovo because of the DDR3 (although I know its not much better), the vastly superior processor to anything at this price (the best I could find was a T6500, which is 12.5% slower in the core, 25% slower in the FSB, and has 33% less L2 Cache), and Lenovo's reputed build quality and lack of style, both of which I felt were suited to the college environment I will be using it in. For your convenience, I'll basically be using this as my portable computer for work, internet surfing, extremely light gaming (think Galciv II quality graphics), and travel entertainment, so the graphics card is irrelevant.

Any input about this would appreciated, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to weigh in on the prospective purchase.
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  1. Does anyone have anything to suggest? I would like to purchase by today, but don't want to go ahead with no comments or new information.
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