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I recently got a 20GB legacy drive to augment my 10.2GB legacy drive, which I've been using exclusively since my brand-new 80GB drive died.

When I attempted to fdisk the 20GB drive, however, I was unable to write a new partition table to the disk. That's a problem because I want to set it up with mountpoints for /home and /var, and the current setup is awkward for that--not to mention it's all in NTFS, and I was planning on using ReiserFS.

Could anyone suggest a solution, or at least tell me what might be wrong?

Thank you.

<i>Athlon 2800
Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro
Biostar M7NCD mobo
512MB PC2700 RAM
I need an upgrade already</i>
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  1. Have you tried using the manufacturer's disk utilities?

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  2. has free boot CD's that let you load just about any free floppy utility. It has recent versions of the diagnostic programs for every type of hard drive.

    Is legacy a brand of hard drive? Or do you mean that it is an IDE reather than SATA?
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