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How much stuf do you simultaneously do on your pc?

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May 13, 2009 3:06:22 AM

i am curious to see haw many different things people can get their pc to do, all at once. with all of this computer power available is there a limit on the number of processes a computer can do? and what type of computer are you doing it on?

on my daily pc i normally will watch an Xvid show on a secondary monitor, surf the net, upload, download, monitor irc channel, run U-torrent, navigate folders and burn a DVD; all at the same time. that is on an athalon 2500+, 2.5GB ram, Maxtor STM3500 PATA 500GB HD, evga 7800GS, FIC AU13 MB with Nforce-2, running windows xp-32 sp3.

i recently upgraded to a quad core system and i wan to know how far i can push it. i would like to be able to. upload, download, watch 1080p video, back up files,
surf net, burn DVD, pack a RAR, unpack RAR, use Utorrent, monitor IRC, encode XviD....... :) 

my new system is amd phenom @ 2.5Ghz, Biostar 790gx mb, 8GB ram, WD6400 P-ATA II HD, on board graphics, running vista-64 sp1

it would be nice if toms would benchmark systems multitasking

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August 18, 2009 8:46:20 PM

I have a Phenom 9950 Black with 4GB RAM and 150GB Velociraptor HDD. I used to be an avid gamer but don't have much time for that anymore. Currently I am a web developer and use my system for work. I have 5 monitors hooked up all DVI on two 9800GT's with 1GB each + one DVI onboard Mobo (MSI K9N Diamond + all copper) - 2X17" Samsungs 4:3 + 2X24"Samsungs 16:10 + 1X30" NEC 16:10. Here is what I normally do with all this:
Mon#1:17" - Email + Winamp
Mon#2:24" - browsers (FireFox, IE, Opera & Safari to test pages)
Mon#3:24" - text editor (Ultra Edit Studio 09)
Mon#4:17" - documents relating to work I am doing (typicall photoshop files or Flash documents)
Mon#5:30" - Hulu running through a list of videos or DVD playing

Here is a photo from my old apartment before I got the NEC:
August 29, 2010 2:09:28 AM

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