Pls help me to decide which ram.


I am planning to upgrade my ram. My system is XP1600+, 256DDR PC 2100, and Abit NF7-S. I'm thinking to upgrade my ram to 1GB (2x512 PC3200). I don't really need a fast ram, what I need is a reliable ram (if those qualities can be differentiated). If possible I want to get a pair, but if the pair that is within my budget is not recommended, then I'll go with two single sticks. So currently, I'm eyeing the TwinMos dual channel kit, any feedback about the pair?

Thank you for the help. :D


Below is the list of the memory that is within my budget:
A-DATA 512MB (PC-3200)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD148.00

CORSAIR ValueSelect 512MB (PC-3200/CL2.5)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD132.00

GEIL 512MB (PC-3200/CL2.5) 400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD130.00

KINGSTON 512MB (PC-3200/CL2.5)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD149.00

KINGSTON 512MB (PC-3200/CL3.0)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD122.00

MUSHKIN 512MB (PC-3200)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD135.00

SAMSUNG 512MB (PC-3200)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD145.00

SMART 512MB (PC-3200)400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD125.00

TWINMOS 512MB (PC-3200) 400MHz DDR SDRAM SGD138.00

TWINMOS PC3200/DDR400 (WLCSP) Dual Channel Kit: 2 x 512MB SGD275.00

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  1. TwinMos is not bad, I would also look at Corsair and Geil. All three are good enough for what you need.

    Crucial Performance Lab
    The Memory Experts(SM) at Crucial Technology is now on board to give you straight answers to your memory-related questions.
  2. Also,

    PC-3200 standard latency is CL3 (3-4-4 or 3-3-3) Doesnt seem like you want to spend more money for CL2.5 or CL2.

    In my opinion Samsung DRAM is #1 for quality. Because I see that Samsung, compared to other memory has the lowest RMA.

    If you want to spend a little more for reliable memory, then you can think about ECC memory.
  3. Hmmm, well my ddr266 is samsung and no complain after a few years usage, just slow i think. Well, now the speed is not my concern anyway. So, which one should I go, a pair of twinmos or pair up samsung? Btw, how to make sure two sticks (not a pair) can perform as a pair? Is there anything I can check on the chip?

    Thank you,


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  4. It depends what you want. Reliable memory is always slower. So you must make a decision. ECC memory provides better data integrity, but you lose 1 clock cycle on every memory operation.

    Between Twinmos and Samsung at standard latency, without a doubt I would pick Samsung. Check out the differences in latency and price, maybe your decision depends on that.

    To make sure two sticks can operate as a pair, follow these steps:

    1. Same type of memory
    DDR vs. SDRAM vs. DDR2 vs RAMBUS.

    2. Ideally you want to use identical modules, but its not necessary. Identical being same chips configuration and latency.

    3. Ideally you also want to use modules that run at the same speed, because both modules as a pair will run at the speed of the slower module.

    4. In a dual-channel setup you must have at least a pair. For the best performance you want to use two 512MB double sided memory modules.
  5. Hi,

    Thank you all for the info. Ok. Is GEIL reliable? As for samsung, which chip that is reliable? Oh yeah, last time to check the speed of a memory is to see the last few digits on the chip, is it still valid? Is e speed the same as CL?

    Thank you,


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  6. Did you notice that the guy from Crucial labs suggested GEIL or CORSAIR out of the ones you listed? Think about it, he didnt push Crucial RAM "Even though its as good or better than the rest"! I think that answer is about as good as you can get.

    BTW Crucial is one of the best. If their memory is available for you, then consider them as well.
  7. Ok. Thanks alot for all e advice.


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  8. CL , or CAS Latency (Colums Address Strobe) represents the number of clock cycles it takes to retrieve data from the memory after a read command is issued to the memory. Of course there are other delays, but CAS latency is the most significant delay in terms of memory.

    Of course, the lower the latency the higher the speed. But the latency does not determine the speed; A PC-3200 and PC-2700 module can have the same latency but different speed.

    The higher the speed of the module, the higher the latency. This is because the physical delays on the module are constant (current travels at a constant rate on a wire). However, to match these constant delays when the module frequency is increased, you need more clock cycles.
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