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I'm currently using a laptop [Vostro 1500] hooked up to a CRT monitor due to a cracked display on the laptop. Everything is displayed fine, except for the occasional ISP problems [still causing internet problems for me]. Anyways, the only thing that the monitor does not display is the bootup. When I turn on the laptop, the CRT monitor does not display the DELL logo, the Windows loading bar, etc. The first thing that it does display is the user accounts page. Is there any possible way for me to display the bootup . Is it a problem with the laptop or the monitor? Thanks in advance.

Now, someone has told me that Windows handles all multiple monitor tasks and stuff, so is there any way to bypass this?
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  1. That's likely just the way your BIOS controls video output. The only way you could possibly change it is to update your graphics driver, which you should do anyway.

    The only way to bypass Windows controlling your monitors is to replace Windows. There are some programs that claim they handle the multimonitor stuff, but, in the end, it has to be handed to Windows.
  2. So there's absolutely no way to do a full restore? My graphics driver is updated completely, and if there's absolutely no way to make the external monitor the primary monitor, then I have no options. Unless there's another way to do a full restore?
  3. Did you find a resolution to this? I have the same problem.
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