Please stop the "Welcome to the Tom's hardware global website" pop-up!!!!

There's no way that I am the only one who hates that seriously unrelenting Global Tom's Hardware pop-up ad thing. Every time I click back to the main page I have to x out of once and for all YES - I will forever want to continue in English. I assure you that I do not and will not ever want to read this site in Cantonese. Please lose the pop-up and incorporate it into the menu somehow. Because every time I have to click the X (and this is sadly true) I like Tom's hardware a little bit less. Nothing I can do about it - it's just classic behaviorism at work. Trust me you guys aren't doing yourselves any favors with that thing.

And on a website designed for computer people...I know I can't be alone on this one.
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  1. Thanks, AJ!
    Now I know I am not alone...........
  2. I agree, it needs to be incorporated into the page menu. It really pisses me off!
  3. Try going to rather than just
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