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I want a sound card to use when playing games in 5.1. Is there any advantage of the ZS at all over value card when it comes to playing games?
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  1. I don't think so, both have EAX4 capability.
    I think the ZS would be much better for movies though. I don't think the audig 2 value can do Dolby digital EX or DTS ES.

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  2. Well that's alright, the decoder for my speakers has Dolby and DTS anyway.
  3. it does Dolby Digital EX, but not DTS or its variants.
  4. Ah.. So only the Platinum edition does DTS I guess. I've got it and it definatly does DTS. I thought the platinum edition was just the regular ZS card w/ a front panel, lol.

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  5. well...*confused*...

    to clarify...the ZS <b>does</b> do DTS and variants, but the Audigy 2 Value <b>doesn't</b>. sorry about that.

    so pretty much...the Platinum probably is just a ZS with a front panel....heh
  6. ack, sry. to many audigys floating around in my head. hard to keep track of em all, lol.

    what you said makes complete sense now that i read it again :)

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  7. Well I got the card yesterday, and although the sound quality is good and my performance is now much better, I can't use EAX because whenever I do it crashes the computer.. From what I gather this is a pretty common problem that isn't solved very easily (theres a 20 page thread about it in the creative forums) and stupid creative still haven't released a patch for it.. I hope creative loses their monopoly on soundcards pretty soon because I certainly don't want another soundblaster if I ever upgrade.
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