PLEASE HELP: Plasma or Lcd for hdtv file playback???

Hi All,

I have built a sweet home theater setup (integra dtr9.9, 7.1 spkr setup (infiniti, focal, martin logan) and have a good htpc that can run via hdmi thru integra or direct to tv (via dvi, vga or hdmi; with dvi to hdmi adapter).

HERE'S WHERE I NEED ADVICE: I am fortunate (and slaved long hours) to be able to choose almost any monitor for this dream system. I'm currently deciding between the Sony and Sammy 52" or larger LCDs or a Pioneer pro 151fd plasma. I would prefer NOT to spend the 2x price of the Pio (especially with neoPDP coming out next summer), but want the best now. 90% of my playback is coming through my htpc. Please help me decide if i should go lcd or plasma for this application.

Many thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Not knowing all the details of your room setup I would suggest you also consider a DLP rear projector. You can get a bigger screen for less and the picture quality is excellent. No burn in issues as in the plasma, better color than the LCD. I have seen 65" Mitsubishi for $999 lately. A bigger 72" might be $1500
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I haven't done any DLP research yet, but from what I have learned "foruming ad nauseum" is that plasmas produce the best pictures, lcd's second. I'm scared to even start researching the DLV vs Plasma vs LCD equation! However i'm looking for the best PQ possible on a viewing ratio of 70% htpc files, 20% sports, 10% blu ray. Does one display technology favour the other with respect to pc connectivity?
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