Guys, I Have one major problem

I was downloading all my files from the camera in to laptop in one single folder. At some particular point i lost my camera and went to the store to get another one. When my little brother was trying to sync all the photos next time and I was not home because he wanted to use the camera he overwrited all JPEGs with new ones and I'm basicly lost all my photos.. System restore is off on this system and I cant even do the rollback. I tryed to see if I can use different undelete software but it doesnt help Im Stock! Any help please?! :pfff:
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  1. Before trying other data recovery programs, try this one first.

    It's by far the simplest and effective data recovery I've tried. It recovers my hard drive from deleted partition which has my backup .iso installation disc and .tib acronis backup system.

    Try first if it can recover your data before buying, and don't worry about it, it won't damage or ruin your data if with the trial version.

    You might be able to find a free data recovery but none is as effective and simple as this one that I know.
  2. ..and thats you should use backups as I just wrote in my blog post here

    but yes, ntfsrecover should do the trick
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