HDMI to COMPONENT or to VGA Converter??

Here is my dilemma. I have a DLP HD projector for my home theatre system. I just purchased a new upconversion DVD player via HDMI. My current set up is a standard Progressive DVD player with a Component to VGA converter cable to my projector. Projector only has VGA inputs. As far as i know the component to vga cable that i have shouldnt be an issue, because they are analog.
I would like to use the HD UPscaling on my DVD player and use a HDMI to Component adapter for my projector. The only adapters that I can find are component to HDMI. Are these backwards compatible and will i see a difference from my 480p to 1080i upscale?
THANKS in advance
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  1. The adapters are not backward compatible. You would need a video scaler to do this and it would not be cheap. Most DVD players will upconvert to 720p or 1080i through the component video outputs. I suspect your projector is not 1080p so it probably is not worth the trouble and expense to convert HDMI to VGA. Set the output of the DVD to the native resolution of the projector not the maximum input resolution.
  2. well it only seems to change the resolution on HDMI port only. This kinda sucks. My projector goes up to 1080i. I would like to use this or at least 720p. Well maybe i am screwed then. Are there any DVD players that do upscale via Component?
  3. Well, this dvd player i just bought is brand new and I can still take it back. I was looking around online and they do have upscalers that are via component. Exactly what I am looking for. The main reason I got a new player was that I started copying all my original DVD's and my current DVD players wouldnt play the copies without glitches. This new DVD player, plays them fine.
    Anyone know of some of the new Upscalers that have HD via component??
  4. If your projector accepts 1080i that doesn't mean it goes "up" to that. 720p requires greater resolution than 1080i (Interlaced doesn't count) so your projector may be able to accept 1080i but it could be 720, 576, or even 480 progressive native resolution Set the component output to progressive and let the projector scale to its native resolution which is the max you can get anyway. Since HDMI is now the standard you may not find a component output on an inexpensive DVD that upscales.
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