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I have an iPod Nano and iTunes shows that it is in recovery mode. When I restore back to original settings, I still have the same problem. Note: I originally setup this iPod through iTunes on my work computer...which crashed and I was given a new laptop. Ever since I have had this problem.

How can I get my nano out of recovery mode and sync it with my new laptop?
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  1. Get rid of it. apple sucks
  2. hi sugatowng, have you figured out yet what to do with your iPod?
  3. I have the same problem!

    brought a refurbished nano (4th gen) from apple and on the first hour of arrival, it froze. So I did the hold centre and menu buttons to reset and plugged it into the computer. I-tunes tells me its reseted and tells me to leave the nano connected until it shows up in i-tunes, but then comes back with the previous message telling me to go through the whole resetting process! im going round in circles!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sounds like you need to visit your local friendly Apple store where, apparently, they have "geniuses" waiting to solve your every Apple-type problem.
  5. i have the same problem with my 4th gen... maybe a bigger deffect than i first thought
  6. If it's still in warranty, locate an Apple store who will probably be quite helpful.

    If out of warranty they tend to either charge serious money for doing very little or just offer you 10% off a new model. I tend not to buy from Apple.
  7. try this hold menu and center button when you see the apple logo hold play/pause and center buttons if it works it will go into disk mode then in itunes restore the firmware
  8. Thankyou kind Sir, excellent instructions - worked a treat. My neighbour's daughter now thinks I'm a god! (Small 'G')

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