Would You Get a Zune HD?

Personally, looking good. And there are plans by Microsoft to create an accompanying app and content store. Not sure if the company will see the plan through though (just ask anyone who ever bought into PlaysForSure). :P
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  1. Yes, I would get one!
  2. It looks awesome...i forgot how much they want for it but i think the price is high. Anyway, i would give it a shot if i had the stash...
  3. I doubt it will be enough for all my music.

    Zune 120 is the only way to go for me.
  4. I don't need another mp3 player because i already own a Zune 120. But i can save enough money then i hand my 120 to lil bro and get the HD. Don't care 2 much for touch screens, but that 720p playback and HD out really has me goin'.
  5. I am waiting on line-in recording before I purchase.
  6. As i have an iPhone another ipod touch would be redundant. But without at least a 64gb version on the market I'm not going anywhere near. Microsoft expects me to keep 720p video on the device for output to an hdtv but hardly give me enough room to do it, IMVHO. I need something big to hold all my music since i already carry a small portion around with me in my phone.

    So next rendition, i will be all over it.
  7. I have a Zune HD and it trumps just about every other media player on the market. The only weak points: capacity and app support.

    As far as capacity goes, I've long since come to terms that no media player will ever fit my entire library (which is now over 300GB in size) so I just pick my favorite albums and transfer them over. Only rarely do I regret not having a certain song. I still pine for the day a 500GB player is introduced, but until then I'm content with flash media rather than hard drives for media players.

    And as far as app support goes, Microsoft is slowly releasing apps for the Zune HD. In fact, one of the greatest games is already on the ZHD: Audiosurf. As a game that takes any song you have and converts it into a playable game, it makes sense as a killer app for the player. 3rd party apps are not yet supported, unfortunately, but Microsoft has given indication that it will happen (such as releasing ZHD API for the XNA framework).

    If you can get past these two issues, the touch screen is absolutely amazing, the UI is fluid and trumps Apple's any day of the week. Like most players, codec support is narrow, but as long as you have MP3s under 320kbps (most people do) and are willing to use EncodeHD (google it) to convert video, it is a very painless process.

    Edit: And the Zune software is far better than iTunes, and is also the reason ZHD remains Linux-incompatible (no word on WINE, though)
  8. i have a Zune HD 32GB and I have to agree with pretty much everything that theta just said. i absolutely love mine. the only downside is i have just over 60GB of music so i had to keep my Zune 120 as well. i put all my music on my 120 and do mostly videos on my HD.

    the best part of the Zune experience is the Zune Pass. $15 a month for all the music you want. sure you are just renting it in reality but it is still worth every penny and then some. its so incredibly easy to use. i've had a Zune Pass for over a year now and i don't know what i did before it.
  9. I bought a Creative X-Fi 32GB player a couple months ago instead of getting the Zune HD. I still think Creative makes the best-sounding players on the market, but after messing around with my sister's new HD, I am now regretting my decision. The features on the HD completely trump anything (besides sound) that the X-Fi series has to offer.

    There's always next time ;) .
  10. I did buy a ZuneHD, 32GB of glorious handheld goodness (even named it Handheld Goodness). I'm loving every bit of it. It's OLED screen is far superior to most PMPs out here (exception being Sony's X-Series and Cowon's S9, it's on par with those).
    Video looks amazing on it. Audio quality is great (paired up with a set of KOSS PortaPros). The menus are easy to navigate.

    People complain that there's no apps, it's browser sucks, and there's no real volume button on it (uses on-screen interface for volume/track controls).
    Sure, they are legitimate complaints (I can mostly agree with the volume button bit). But honestly, if you want all that, go give your money to Apple. Until more Android-based PMPs hit the market, the iPod Touch pretty much has all the apps covered. The browser could use flash-support (it's "big" drawback), or at least silverlight or something. I personally don't care, because I really don't want to browse the net on a screen that small, and I'm almost never near a wi-fi hotspot unless I'm at home.

    It's battery life is next to ridiculously long. 32+ hours with the screen off and EQ active for audio, almost 8 hours video with brightness on medium (wi-fi disabled in both cases).

    My brother got a Touch this past Christmas. He was bragging about it for a while, till watched "Iron Man" on the Zune. His immediate reaction: "Is there any place I can trade in my iPod for a Zune HD, or get credit for it?"

    Software ain't all that bad either. I was using iTunes for all my music needs till I picked this bit of goodness up. I've since uninstalled iTunes and am gladly using the Zune Pass.

    It's thin. It's light. It's strudy. It's sexy. It's definitely worth the money (especially since almost everywhere seems to have lowered the price on it)
  11. Are they going to make a Zune HD 120gb or larger? and what price will it be? it will need too be less than $250 to compete with the iPod classic 120gb

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  12. jbucciseg said:
    Are they going to make a Zune HD 120gb or larger? and what price will it be? it will need too be less than $250 to compete with the iPod classic 120gb

    The big wigs at Microsoft have already said their plan is to stick with the slim and sexy flash-based units, mostly because of the lower power requirements, increased performance, and smaller form factor. Priced be damned!
    Besides, the way things are going, flash-based memory in the 128GB range will be affordable in a few years. Especially with the number of portable devices going that route.
  13. is the zune hd better than the ipod touch
  14. Depends. If you want the best in portable media (as in, you want the best screen for video as well as good audio), then go with the Zune HD. If you want a device that can do all sorts of things (via apps), and just happens to play music and video, go for the Touch.
    I went with the Zune personally, and I'm not looking back. That, and with the advent of Windows 7 Phone and it's Zune software integration, who knows where that'll lead. X-Box Live Portable anyone?
  15. Technically speaking the Zune HD is better, software wise it still has a while to go, but the same thing happened with Apple iPod Touch. Nvidia Tegra is absolutley stelar, saw it for myself after messing around with a friend's HD. The next-gen of HDs may even have 1080p out support with the addition of Nvidia Tegra 2, and whether or not it had 1080p. It will also allow for apps to look and run even better. It will just be a matter of time though.
  16. So now there is a Zune HD with 64 gigs... but its too late for me. that ship has sailed. It'll have to be built into my phone from now on :D
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