Camcorder and Windows Vitsa

Hi I realise this has been aksed before but I am actually at the beginning stage where I have my camcorder, my laptop and recetnly purchased cable and I dont know what to do first!

I have:

Camcorder: Sony Mini DV Camcorder DCR - HC35

Laptop: Compaq CQ60 - 216TU with Windows Vista

Recently purchased cable: USB to IEEE 1394 4 PIN FIREWIRE TRAVEL Adapter CABLE 5f

I have already established that my compuer does not have a firewire card or a pcmcia slot hence the Travel adaptor (as my last resort)

Can you please tell me I need to do next? Considering I have vista what is the best programme to try and download/edit my videos with? I am not the most technically minded person therefore any helps would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks
New Zealand
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  1. first can you transfer the video with the current hardware, as for editing, MS movie maker may be the best to start with, then you can decide if you want to invest in Pinnicle or Adobe software
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