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When a monitor is advertised as 19". Is that the size of the screen or does it include the frame? Is the measurement diagonal or horizontal?
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  1. Size of screen diagonally measured for LCD.

    For CRT, it is slightly different. The measurement include the part of the CRT tube that is behind the frame as well.
  2. Hi,

    For CRTs, the size usually mentioned ( e.g. a 17' monitor) is always the size of physical CRT tube facing you, part of which is sometimes hidden in front frame.

    put it another way, on a CRT monitor the viewable area will always be less than the physical dimension of the tube.

    a 19' CRT monitor will have a viewable area less than 19'.
    sometimes it is mentioned in monitor specs.
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  4. Additionally, most monitors in the LCD space are the listed size at minimum. Most measure slightly more. For example, most 15" LCD panels that are widescreen actually measure 15.6 inches. My 24" panels measure 24.2" diagonally. I have a CRT which list it's size as 22" but actually measures 20.25" visible and is 23.5 outside corner to outside corner.
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