24" Motnitor Comparison- Need some help plz

I just looked at the black friday ads and noticed that the Acer AL2416WBsd was going to be for $250 at CompUSA.
On the other hand, the Westinghouse L2410NM is on Newegg for $350 after rebates.

The only positive difference i see between the two, is that the Westinghouse is non-TN panel while the Acer is TN. However, the Westinghouse doesn't have a DVI connection and it has speakers (i dont need). Adjustment wise, both are the same.

I need the monitor for hardcore gaming and everyday usage. My graphic card right now is 8800 GTS 640mb Superclock. I want to be able to play all games (except maybe crysis) on max/near max (with no/little AA/AF) at 1920x1200 on at LEAST 30 fps. Will i be able to this with a 24"? (i currently own a Sony 19" which is absolutetly amazing)

So for the price/performance which of the 2 monitors is better? (if the answer to my previous question is yes)
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  1. Well, I am in the same neighborhood as you man. I have my eyes set, and I mean set on the HP w2408. It looks truly amazing. I would be going from the Samsung s panle 226bw. You can hopefully find the hp one on amazon for 440 bucks. But, 22'' 226bw is the best in its class.
  2. i just saw the Samsung 245bw for $330 at Circuit City, so i'm going to get that.

    The HP w2408 is beautiful but not worth $200 more in my opinion. Considering that they both use TN panels.
  3. Yes true, but I saw it on amazon for only 440. The thing also offers speaker, great for lan parties, and 4 usb ports. Either samsung or hp with be great.
  4. I'd get the Westinghouse. I'm pretty sure you can get an HDMI to DVI cable so that shouldn't be an issue.
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