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I have a few computer questions:

Is it better to leave a computer on 24x7 rather than shutting it off when you're done or powering down for the night?

For example is it healthier for a computer to run non stop, how about a monitor is it wise to leave a monitor on for long periods of time?

Cooling: My computer gets very hot. Both of my graphics cards when on for a while especially I can stick my hand in and its extremely hot. I can put my hand in the back of the computer where I can see the power supply area on the bottom and I can just feel the extreme heat. Is my computer safe I have two fans in different directions on the top. The power supply is blowing upwards while the top fans are blowing out. I have a fan in the front by the hard drives as well.

I'll add some more questions later. Thanks for any replies!
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  1. Anyone have an idea?
  2. :) Well since this is an old post i'll post anyway. May not get a reply but I would suggest shutting them down from time to time but not too offen unless your system is acting a little quirkey then i'd leave it on for safety reasons. Might have a dead machine on next bootup. I know it's probably not advisable to turn off the monitor but I turn mine off at night. Can't use my screensaver cause I have two other users with password protected & a MajicJack plugged into my frt. USB port & it stop responding when I reapply my settings & have to unplug & plug it back in to reset it. :)
  3. Restarting the PC will clear out the memory cache, so it's not a bad idea. I personally leave mine running if I'm going to use it again within a few hours. If not, I shut it down.

    You can download programs like speedfan to monitor temps. If they are getting high, an aftermarket cooler may be needed.
  4. or better often put it on suspend mode it will be ready by the seconds
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