Nice 22inch screen. Asus or Acer?

Hi, I'm about to change my 17''CRT monitor for a new LCD panel. I can only use up to 240€, I saw these two choices that seem interesting:

Asus vw222s 22'', 2ms, looks very nice, but it only has the normal dsub/vga output. 226€

Also i saw the Acer P223W and X223W, i can't seem to find the difference between them. they are both 5ms and 22'', and they have both outputs i think.

So, i was going to chose the asus one but then i saw it only has VGA. Does this really have to make me change to the Acer ones? if so, what's the difference between the P and the X one?

If you have any other recommendations on that price, please tell me !!

thanks in advance
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  1. I have the exact same question/ dilemma going from a 17" 16ms LCD to a 22" LCD. I am undecided between these monitors. Anybody have the asus? Which one would be better overall?
  2. See the two links I posted in the following thread. May that will give you ideas:
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