New 5.1 system picking up FM interference!?

Hey people,
I need help with a problem I've been having lately:

I just bought a set of 5.1 speakers (front/rear/left/right/center satellites + a subwoofer) for my computer.
I tested it at the store and all was working wonderfully. The problem is, when I got home and plugged the subwoofer into the power bar and the first satellite into the subwoofer, I suddenly picked up (with a lot of static) an unidentified radio station. I assume it's FM -- they play a lot of music.

Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of this interference?

Thanks =)
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  1. you can't be sure, even MW radio stations play a lot of music these days, it might not be FM you know...


    I have read about this happening in the past.

    In your place I'd return these speakers and take a different set. I'd say a different model.
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