First American Class Action Overtime Lawsuit

First American (I.T.) department is under investigation due to a Class Action Lawsuit filed against them. The I.T. division inside First American has made a huge mistake in assuming that everyone who works in I.T. is exempt from overtime. To go even further the management thought they were being sneaky and gave everyone the same title (Analyst) in their job title so they coud work every employee unlimited hours. They are in trouble now as the investigation has turned up that all employees do different jobs and fraud is fraud. Do I hear the sound of cold hard cash? This would net me about 1500 hours of overtime. No wonder H.R. pulled me into a private meeting and asked me to list every single thing I do for an entire day, week and month. I hope First American is found guilty; putting someone on call for 14 days straight and answering a cell phone every hour at night only suceeds in make me one a zombie after three days. I hope they pay through the nose.
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  1. Who can i contact to add myself to that class act?
  2. lgrios said:
    Who can i contact to add myself to that class act?

    What state are you in? I can probably find the contact info for you.
  3. im in california
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