how to convert win 7 home into win xp

I find it is much easier and comfertable to operate with win xp. so i want to know how i should reforamat. i have win xp formating cd.
In hp lap top this win xp to be installed after completely removing win 7
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  1. First things first. Make absolutely certain that there are Windows XP drivers available for all of the hardware before you start. If there are no drivers available then you cannot do what you want.
  2. It's not a good idea to put a 10 year old OS on a new or even newish laptop. There's too great a chance some stuff just won't work, like your wifi adapter. Best to just learn the new OS.

    One thing i've found a lot of people coming from XP don't like is the new bottom bar/pinning system. Google how to get the old quick launch bar back. There's also tons of tweaks out there on the web getting win 7 to feel more like xp.

    Trust me, it's a much better route to tweak win7 then it is to try force xp on that poor laptop.
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